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Building a pure defense fight list rider

In this post i'll show you how to build a fight list rider with as little losses as possible. First off i start by picking my mobster name/class. I went with "I am NOT dead" which is the same name i use for my hit list rider, but i'll get to that in another post.

The first thing i needed was to get some money on it, for that i called in some of my mobbies that have high income level ones. I managed to get 3 of them to fill up the hit list with 200mil bounties. I took a few tries but i managed to land 4 bounties
giving me over 1 billion in hand. I bought 10 of each property giving me over 4 million hourly income. I bought 50 escalades, bullet proof vests, ak47s. Then i banked the rest of the cash.

Now since i dont want to lose i did some missions and fought the weakest of the fight list for a while until i could get up to level 10 this does'nt take all that
long really. maybee a few hours at most. Since i already had a mob of 500+ I started
doing the ambulance mission at level 8 since it gives out good experience.

Its a good idea whenever you run out of stamina and energy to visit the various add
trains around and add people and add your id to the train so you will have enough fresh faces to keep doing the ambulance mission as much as possible. The first day
i was doing this i hit the maximum friend requests i could send of 400. And i was
set to do the mission for a while after that.

Once i hit level 10 i opened another window and went to a level 49 i have and removed
all the weapons. The i attacked it from my fight list rider. I won, but the margin was too high and the experience was'nt good at all 1exp per fight. So i slowly started adding equipment to the other account, and attacking to test. I got it to a good margin of 3 exp per fight.

From there i kept attacking and pumping all skill points into defense on my fight list rider. Ever couple of levels or so i had to add equipment to both and re-tweak it so the experience stayed high but not so close that i would possibly lose.

The cool thing is once i hit about level 25 i started using the rivalry list on the other account to attack back and lose. So i was gaining about 6 exp every 2 minutes or 180 an hour. It got to be really teadeous at this point since u can only really gain a level every 2 hours or so.

This i when i decided to load up a couple level 20 pure attacks i have in other windows. So then i was gaining 12 exp every 2 minutes or 1 level an hour. So from there i really started to fly through the levels. Once i got to level 35 i decided to take a break for a few days to let my income catch up before i start again.

Ideally once i get this mobster to level 100 with all stats in defense it should'nt lose to 99% of the time. But in the lower levels since this game leans in favor of attackers you wont be unbeatable until you get really high into the levels. But if you've got the the time and the accounts its worth it. Who would'nt want a mobster with thosands of wins and losses in the double or even single digits.


  1. If i wanted a name with thousands of wins and a few losses id stat pad with a bunch of sucicide accounts, but thats boring, and i have a life

  2. im level 115 310 defense 800 health +13% defense and 29% spirited def im getting beaten by mobsters with 150 attack same ammount of mobsters. how is this? i have all weps, vehicles,armors, that offer the most defense value. Is attack really that overpowered and will it balance out eventually?

  3. dip shit u dont add health just deff duhh

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  5. Lvl 160 --- 534 defense--- fighting with all 800 ;)

  6. i got a lvl-10 will all skills n def now here what need to know i need to do the mission that give me the watchman which give you health or stay @ 100 on health? ty